Best John Varvatos Colognes for Men

I think that John Varvatos makes some pretty good and masculines colognes overall. Two of these scents, I have reviewed here on the site thus far (Artisan and Artisan Aqua), and while both were very pleasant fragrances for men…they both had some longevity issue which made it hard to enjoy. For this post, I want to select four other scents from the Varvatos collection, which I consider to be the best overall (in terms of smell and longevity). As always, each cologne is linked to for ease of purchase and more information.

Vintage– Warm, fresh, and incredibly smooth. Vintage is a masculine scent that grabs attention in an understated way. Notes include: tobacco, suede, tonka bean, jasmine, rhubarb, absinthe, and others.


Artisan Black-A citrus blend with supporting notes of ginger and some floral. This is a scent for the warmer months for guys who enjoy a sweet citric fragrance in the summertime.


John Varvatos– A woodsy and leathery affair at first that emerges into a fragrance that has a certain sweetness to it present by the fruit notes.


Star USA– Juniper berries, citron, woods, and ginger are the main stars of this moderate scent. It is woodsy and slightly spicy and kind of linear but not bad overall.