Best Sarah Jessica Parker Perfumes

Sarah Jessica Parker has been a well known actress for decades now. She also happens to have her own line of fragrances for women, which have become quite successful in their own right. These scents are not the expensive design fair that price many people out of the perfume market. SJP’s scents are affordable, wearable, and are quite attractive as a whole. For this list, I have selected four of these perfumes as the best of the bunch in my opinion. As always, I have linked out each to for more info and ease of purchase.



Lovely– The most popular of the perfumes by Sarah Jessica Parker. It is a mature and moderate scent with notes of musk and apple martini as its main attraction. A great all-around fragrance for everyday wear that is elegant and refined.


SJP NYC– Notes of rose, mandarin, honeysuckle, strawberry, rum, and more. SJP NYC is a sweet, fruity, and fun fragrance for those warm days of the year. It is bright, cheerful, and not an overbearing affair. Delicious scent.


Dawn– Dawn is a very clean floral fragrance with underlying notes of citrus. It’s mostly a soft violet influenced fragrance that is refreshing and crisp.



Covet– Chocolate note with lemon and some florals give Covet a darker and richer mood. The scent has some woodsy notes as well which help to take the sharpness of the lemon away and leave something that is smooth and unique.