Boss Bottled No. 6 by Hugo Boss Cologne Review

In this latest installment of this site’s series of ratings and reviews of men’s fragrances, I want to take a closer look at Boss Bottled (aka No. 6) by Hugo Boss. I have already created a list of the top Hugo Boss colognes but I wanted to zoom in a bit and focus on this one individual fragrance from the line. So, continue below to get my full take on this scent and whether or not it is worth a buy.



Notes include: apple, cinnamon, vanilla, woods, plum, sandalwood


My first impression of Number 6 is that it is a really clean fragrance. I could right away see how this could work as an everyday wear and something that people around you would respond positively towards.  The apple note is most noticeable to me and the way it blends with the cinnamon sort of reminds me of the flavoring in Apple Cinnamon Toaster Strudels and not like the apple note in something such as Tommy Hilfiger.

The vanilla note does give it that smooth sweetness which I tend to like but I don’t feel as if Boss Bottled goes too far into the ‘sweet’ category because the sandalwood and cedar notes especially give it a woodsy base that seems to keep it masculine and intriguing.

This one isn’t a projection beast but it isn’t totally subdued either. There are many other options for guys who want a loud fragrance, Number 6 however, is soft to moderate in its scent but still quite sensual. Longevity wise, I’d say it’s on the lower end of moderate…4-6 hours of decent projection, which was quite disappointing.

Overall, I think that Boss Bottled is a very good cologne. It is pleasant, versatile, sexy, and seems to work well in temperatures outside of the brutal summer. Is it a buy? I’d lean towards yes. While it smells great, it doesn’t necessarily perform as well as other potential colognes. However, it isn’t terribly expensive either, and I could definitely see a guy getting use out of it.