Burberry Body vs London Women’s Perfume Comparison

In this post, I want to compare two ladies’ fragrances from the British brand Burberry, London and Body. These are both popular choices from this design house and I’m going to break down each to see which one I think is a better buy. I want to cover how each smells, how it performs, when it should be worn, and which one has the overall edge when put side to side.


Burberry Body Tale of the Tape

Notes include: peach, musk, rose, sandalwood, amber, iris, vanilla

burberry body

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Burberry London Tale of the Tape

Notes include: rose, jasmine, peony, tangerine, honeysuckle, musk, sandalwood, Tahitian flower

My Burberry London Perfume Review

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The opening of Burberry Body is a fruity floral blend of peach, rose, and a warm hint of musk. London also shares the rose note to go along with a floral bouquet that is supported by tangerine. I personally like the London blend better as I enjoy the tangerine over the heavier peach note in Body.

Edge: London



Both of these perfumes score very well on the projection and performance front. Body and London are towards the stronger end of things and won’t disappoint in this department. I think that London is just slightly better in terms of its projection range but not by much.

Edge: London (slightly)



Again, both perfumes perform very well and will give 8+ hours of wear and still be chugging along.

Edge: Push



These two are great for everyday and casual wear. I wouldn’t say that Body is a ‘sexy’ or ‘romantic’ type of fragrance and while London isn’t really either, I do think that it is better in that regard. Neither is a summertime perfume but are good to go during the rest of the year. This is another slight edge to London.

Edge: London


Overall Scent

To me, it comes down to whether you want a creamy peach with woodsy, floral, and a spicy musk type of scent (Body) or whether you want a floral perfume with an added layer of tangerine note. I think that London smells better, I don’t dislike Burberry Body but it feels like a notch below its competitor.

Winner: London