Diesel Best Colognes: Top 4 Men’s Fragrances by Diesel

Diesel is a youthful and striking brand known around the globe for its line of denim. In the world of fragrance, it has also carved out a niche for itself and in the men’s cologne category it carries a lot of weight in terms of popularity and the quality of its scents. For this list, I have selected four parfums from Diesel’s lineup, which I feel are the best of the bunch. As always, I have linked out to Fragrancex.com for more information on a given cologne as well as ease of purchase.


Plus Plus Masculine– While it comes in a box shaped like a milk carton, Plus Plus by Diesel, won’t leave a man smelling like sour dairy. Its notes include sandalwood, bergamot, orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, and tonka bean among others. It is a fresh and spicy fragrance that gives off an air of creaminess that stimulates the senses.


Only the Brave– Only the Brave is one of the most popular scents from Diesel. It is a great citrus/woodsy scent best served for younger guys and for wear during the fall and winter months. When used correctly it is a real crowd pleaser, especially with the ladies.


Fuel for Life– Smooth, rich, and energetic. Fuel for Life is a blend of fruit notes like raspberry and grapefruit along with lavender and woodsy notes. An great scent choice as it is versatile enough to be worn whenever and is also just a great smelling cologne.


Only the Brave Tattoo– A sensual and perhaps a bit darker take on the Only the Brave line of colognes. Tattoo features Bourbon pepper, sage, apple, and tobacco notes to create a sexy and masculine scent that is sure to draw attention.