Versace Eros vs Versace Pour Homme Cologne Comparison

Here is my latest installment of cologne comparisons on this website. Today, we have another battle of Versace scents between, Eros and Versace Pour Homme. I have already reviewed both of these fragrances individually and now will break down each for those trying to decide between these colognes. I want to give an overview on how each one smells, how it performs, when it can be worn, and which scent is better overall. So, let’s get into Eros vs Versace Pour Homme.



Versace Eros Tale of the Tape

Notes of Eros: mint, green apple, tonka bean, madagascar vanilla, vetiver

versace eros

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Versace Pour Homme Tale of the Tape

Notes of Pour Homme: bergamot, bitter orange leaves, geranium, sage, oud wood, mineral amber, tonka bean, musk

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Versace Pour Homme is really intense up front. The bergamot and bitter orange really pack a whallop from the very start. It’s honestly too much for me. Eros, is also strong out of the gate but it feels much more well done than Pour Homme. Versace does calm down minutes after spraying but it definitely goes hard and it isn’t amazing enough to compensate.

Edge: Eros



After the opening, Pour Homme calms down into something more on the moderate side of things. It still projects itself better than most colognes, though. Eros is a beast in this regard, I cap myself at two sprays when I wear it because more than that and it just seems overbearing.

Edge: Eros



Again, I’ve always gotten good wear out of Eros, and it usually lasts for a long time. Pour Homme, is good for 6-7 hours, and then fades out. Versace Pour Homme isn’t as heavy of a scent as Eros, so I would expect it to not live up to it in this department. Although, it does still perform quite well.

Edge: Eros



Here’s where it gets more competitive. Eros isn’t an office wear in my opinion, in fact, it is best in the colder weather and more geared to romantic wear. Although, it could be still pulled off casually when applied lightly. Versace Pour Homme, could be worn in lots of situations and works in pretty much every season. It’s a citrus cologne that can totally be worn in spring/summer and still feel right at home in winter.

Edge: Versace Pour Homme


Overall Scent

I really like Eros, as a smooth and complex gourmand type of fragrance. Yes, it is loud and heavy but there is definitely something quite appealing about its rich blend of mint, vanilla, tonka, and green apple. Versace Pour Homme, is a pretty good citrus based cologne. It feels a lot like Eau Fraiche but I think that one is better. I also like Dreamer from Versace, better than Pour Homme. If I have to choose one, I’m going Eros over Pour Homme. It may not be right for everyone, so keep that in mind before buying.

Winner: Versace Eros