Just Cavalli I Love Him Men’s Cologne Review

Another sample that I’ve received recently is this Roberto Cavalli cologne from 2004, Just Cavalli I Love Him. The name is pretty bad, in my opinion. If someone asked what you were wearing and you had to answer, “I Love Him”, it’d probably be a bit awkward. That being said, I wanted to give my impression of this fragrance, see how it performed, and if it isĀ even worth a buy.


just cavalli i love him

Notes include: tangerine, ginger, green tea, saffron, nutmeg, sandalwood, pineapple, black pepper

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Behind its stupid name, this fragrance actually isn’t all that bad. It is a blend of citrus/spice/powdery aromas tied together in a light and fresh cologne. The opening is more of the tangerine and black pepper notes than anything with support coming from the ginger, nutmeg, and the green tea not which provides is bit of uniqueness in an otherwise rather generic fragrance.

Projection wise, I Love Him, is really soft but you will notice it there…it isn’t a skin scent. However, while it is a lighter scent it does have really good longevity, which adds to its case as a possible daily wear scent during the summertime. This is a casual scent, I wouldn’t wear it on a date or brand it as a ‘sexy’ cologne, though it does smell quite nice. Another perk, is the aforementioned ability to stand up in the heat, it does a great job of that in fact.

Overall, is this Roberto Cavalli fragrance a buy? I mean, not really. I don’t really find anything all that special about it, beyond the green tea and the tangerine, it isn’t all that unique. It does have really good performance, which is especially important in a summer cologne, so if you can grab it at a good price (it might not even be in production anymore)…it could be a cheap casual wear scent.