A Wintertime Favorite: Kouros Body by YSL Review

In my ongoing series of cologne reviews, I have already covered one Yves Saint Laurent fragrance, Opium Pour Homme. While Opium is a great scent, I find another of YSL’s line of fragrances for men superior, its name is Kouros Body. I love this fragrance because it doesn’t quite fit comfortably in a category in the same way that other scents might.


Kouros Body Notes:

Incense, eucalyptus, benzoin, woods

I would describe the scent of Kouros Body as sweet with a spice. Not sweet like a fruity scent would be but rather a bit like candy, cotton candy, in particular. The spice is subtle, more of an undertone, but gives Kouros Body a certain character and warmth. This cologne is highly distinctive and memorable. On nights I’ve worn it out to a bar, it always seems to have women inching closer before they ask, “What are you wearing that smells so good?”

I have to admit that Kouros Body is one of my personal favorite colognes and one that I like to have on hand. Whereas a cologne such as Gucci Guilty Black is sensual in a more aggressive ‘look at me’ way, Kouros Body is to me like a slower and more methodical seduction, almost hypnotic in its draw.

One draw back for me is that it doesn’t perform as well during the summertime. Especially, if you live in an area of high humidity like I do. No, Kouros Body begs to be worn during chilly days or evenings when it’s warmth can fully emanate outwards. This is definitely one of my go to scents during the winter time and its no wonder that I haven’t worn it in months, through this long summer.

Kouros Body is a reasonably priced fragrance for men. It is a designer fragrance but priced in the lower to mid tier of men’s colognes, it’s for sure not a major investment like a Creed fragrance. ┬áIf you’re in the market for a unique cologne with ample drawing and staying power, then Kouros Body may be a perfect choice for you.