Nautica Voyage vs Nautica Blue Cologne Comparison

I’ve already done multiple reviews of Nautica fragrances and a list of the best smelling scents from this brand. As such, I think it’s time to narrow down the field a bit more and compare two of this brand’s best sellers, Voyage and Nautica Blue. In this post, I want to compare how each scent smells, how it performs, and determine which one is the better buy in my opinion. Please continue below for the full comparison.¬†Also see: Voyage vs Voyage N-83


Nautica Voyage Tale of the Tape

Notes include: apple, musk, cedar, green leaf, amber, mimosa


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Nautica Blue Tale of the Tape

Notes include: Musk, cedar, bergamot, sandalwood, peach, pineapple, water lily


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The differences between the openings of these two fragrances is that, Voyage gives off a juicy/citrus scent while being an aquatic cologne, and Blue is leaning more towards the woodsy/aquatic. Yes, blue has citrus/fruity notes as well but it’s cedar note is more noticeable while Voyage’s fruit notes take center stage. It’s really a matter of taste…but I give Voyage a slight edge.

Edge: Voyage



Both of these scents are moderate, however, Blue tends to be on the lighter side in my opinion. Neither is really a projection beast but they get the job done.

Edge: Voyage



I get about 7 hours of wear out of Voyage most of the time. Blue, on the other hand, is really hit and miss with somewhere between 2-5 hours depending on the circumstances. Voyage definitely starts to open a lead over Blue with this category.

Edge: Voyage



Nautica colognes are well known for being casual aquatic scents and that holds true in the case of these two. Blue is a fresh and clean fragrance that is quite simple and linear in its aroma. Both are good for work, school, casual situations.

Edge: Push


Overall Scent

Voyage to me, smells better overall and add that to its better performance and it has to be the winner out of these two. Blue is a very solid choice for the price and could honestly have a spot in a man’s fragrance rotation, Voyage is just the better bet for most guys. The good news is that, since these colognes are so inexpensive, one could simply buy both of them and not break the bank in the process.

Winner: Voyage