Nautica Voyage vs Polo Blue Cologne Comparison

In today’s cologne comparison entry, I want to take a closer look at two popular summertime aquatic fragrances for men, Nautica Voygae and Polo Blue. Now, Voyage is an insanely popular scent that can be had for really cheap and Polo Blue is a really nice release from the Ralph Lauren brand. ¬†However, which one smells better? Which performs better? Which is worth the buy?


Polo Blue Tale of the Tape

Notes include: amber, melon, patchouli, geranium, cucumber, tangerine, moss, musk

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Nautica Voyage Tale of the Tape

Notes include: apple, musk, cedar, green leaf, amber, mimosa


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Both of these are summery fragrances, however, Polo Blue opens up with a much more crisp and ‘colder’ scent than does Nautica Voyage. Blue is a fresh and clean use of cucumber and a suede note which gives it a bit of smoothness. Nautica Voyage, on the other hand, has a fruitier opening that is really bright with an apple note that seems quite orange-y in its presentation. Voyage feels more synthetic than Polo Blue.

Edge: Blue



Both scents are pretty moderate, Voyage may be a bit lighter but not by much.

Edge: Push



The good thing is that either one of these scents has good performance in terms of their longevity. Nautica Voyage gets me around 7 hours of wear. Blue can usually get an hour or two beyond that but both are good for work or school day wear.

Edge: Polo Blue



Voyage and Blue are two casual scents for the warmer months of the year. I feel comfortable wearing them in any environment, really. Neither one is a club beast or really a romantic type of scent. Polo Blue might be considered to have a little more class but really not much distinction.

Edge: Push


Overall Scent

So, overall, I find Polo Blue to be the better cologne. I think it smells quite nice BUT it does seem pretty generic at times to me. It is very cool and crisp with a nice melon note that develops after the initial opening. For the price, type of scent, and the brand name, I think I’d rather wear Polo Sport, to be honest. The reason that Nautica Voyage is so popular is because of what it provides for the price. It is a great inexpensive scent that is fresh and smells like summer. Polo Blue is the better scent of the two but price could persuade me to choose Voyage plus another fragrance instead.

Winner: Polo Blue