Best Celebrity Perfumes for Women: Top Celebrity Fragrances

Celebrities have lines of clothes, make up, and of course perfumes. Some of these perfumes are quite frankly underwhelming while others are actually very well done. The following list of perfumes are the best fragrances for women released by celebrity personalities. I have selected 10 scents to round out the list and each one brings something different to the table. As always, I have included a link to their individual purchase page.

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Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker– An everyday perfume which blends fruity and musk notes. This has been a widely popular scent since its release in 2005.



Glow by Jennifer Lopez– A fresh and clean scent from Jennifer Lopez, Glow is a fruity and floral fragrance for women perfect for spring and summer days.


Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson– A romantic perfume from Jessica Simpson full of unique and exotic notes including blush champagne, lotus blossom, goji leaf, and creamy amber.

fancy love

Fame by Lady Gaga– Very sweet perfume that is seductive and sexy. Notes include: Belladonna, Orchid, Saffron, Incense, Honey, And Apricot. 


Beyonce Midnight Heat by Beyonce– A very sexy perfume from Beyonce that as its names suggests is best worn in the evening. Notes include: Star Fruit, Plum, Patchouli And Sandalwood. 

midnight heat

Just Me by Paris Hilton– A light and airy fragrance whose soft elegance is perfect for daytime wear.

just me

Curious by Britney Spears– A fun and energetic perfume from Britney that is sweet and feminine.



Can Can by Paris Hilton– A sweet and flirty perfume that has a sort of candy vibe to it. Notes include: cassis, clementine flower, wild orchid, nectarine, musk, orange blossom, woods, amber. 

can can

Meow by Katy Perry- Sweet and powdery scent from Katy Perry. Notes include: Gardenia, Jasmine, Tangerine, Vanilla, Musk, And Sandalwood. 


Reb’L Fleur by Rihanna– This fragrance from Rihanna is one that will definitely make you stand out. It is a unique scent with notes of red berries, hibiscus, plum, vanilla, peach and coconut water. It is sexy without being overpowering, more of a seductive and casual perfume. 

reb'l fleur