Top Valentino Perfumes for Women: Best 4 Fragrances

Valentino is a name in the fashion world which is synonymous with elegance, class, grace, and looks that are completely classic. Of course, the perfume line from Valentino tries to embody the image which the name tends to invoke in women from around the world, and in most cases, succeeds completely. For this post, I have selected four scents which I feel are the best from the designer and have linked each out to its page on

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Rock N Rose– As the name suggests, the heart of this fragrance is its rose note. It combines with other florals and sweeter smells to create a memorable, light, and highly feminine perfume that is unique in its own right.


Valentina– Citrus notes blended with vanilla, sweet floral ingredients, and woodsy notes like cedar. It has a refined air of elegance to it along with something that is strikingly natural.


Valentino New– This is another very classy and sensual scent by Valentino. Like the others it contains some delightful floral notes including, mimosa, orange blossom, violet leaves, vanilla orchid, and pear blossom. A very versatile perfume that can be a star performer for the right lady.


Valentino V Absolu– Great perfume, if you can still score a bottle of it. It is an interplay between sweet and spicy, the sweet eventually wins out and a beautiful and warm dry down makes this an absolute winner.