Versace Eros vs Polo Red Cologne Comparison

It’s been a little while since I have done a cologne comparison and so I thought that I’d present a head to head match up between a Versace and a Polo scent. Eros vs. Polo Red. Both of these colognes are highly popular fragrances that have been released in the past 3-4 years and usually occupy a similar pricing point. I like both and have owned (own) both of them before. Which one is better? Which is the better performer? Is one worth a purchase?



Versace Eros Tale of the Tape

Notes of Eros: mint, green apple, tonka bean, madagascar vanilla, vetiver

versace eros

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Polo Red Tale of the Tape


Notes of Polo Red: grapefruit, italian lemon, cranberry, saffron, sage

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The opening of Eros is like a heavy, cool, and gourmand blast that then begins to warm up rather quickly. Polo Red is sweet and warm with a candy-like lemon and cranberry combo. I really like Polo Red in the opening but I feel that Eros is just more interesting, even if it can be overpowering.

Edge: Eros



Versace Eros is an absolute monster in this regard. Polo Red is on the lower end of moderate with how it projects. I often have to double up on the application of Red, just to make it stand out. Eros never has that problem.

Edge: Eros



My biggest gripe with Polo Red has always been the longevity issues. It works rather well when I double up but can have the tendency to just give out sometimes. Eros is not only loud and bold, it also has always gotten very great wear anytime I’ve put it on. Even if you don’t like Eros, it simply performs.

Edge: Eros



Polo Red is good in the spring and summertime. I think it works decent enough in the colder months also. Red is a nice casual wear that is safe for the office but can be worn on dates without problem. Eros…I can’t call it an office scent (it could be done, technically), but it is an in your face type of fragrance. Eros is also a cold weather scent, it can get somewhat ugly in the heat. Gotta give the nod to Polo.

Edge: Polo Red


Overall Scent

I’m going to go with Eros. However, I really do like wearing Polo Red…it’s just got some performance issues. Eros isn’t really a cologne for everyone nor is it for ever situation but there are plenty of guys who will appreciate it. It is a rich, bold, and very nice gourmand that is built for romantic wear. It’s probably not even really fair to compare these two scents, since they aren’t even in the same category of season or occasion.

Winner: Eros