Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir Cologne Review

For my second post, in this series of reviews of the latest cologne samples I received, I am going to talk briefly about Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir. Now, I say briefly because I can now safely say that I hate this fragrance. To me, it is just simply unpleasant to wear, gives me a headache, and just wow…I really can’t stand it.

oud noir

Notes include: Bitter orange, neroli, black pepper, oud, patchouli, saffron, and others

Okay, nice things to say. Um, the bottle looks really cool. Explaining what colognes smell like through text can be challenging sometimes, but I would say that Oud Noir opens up with a very intense bug spray vibe blended with oriental notes. Specifically, I think it smells like an intense version of a bug spray called, Cutter.

There is a bit of spice to this fragrance and quite frankly it just makes my head hurt and want to wash it off immediately. It has a disgusting synthetic vibe to it and while it claims to be moderate, I would suggest that it is much more of a heavy scent. It is really thick and just kind of sits in the air. The intensity fades a bit after 10 minutes or so but it doesn’t magically develop into something that actually smells good. That’s really all I want to say about this stuff, I’m not recommending it, but you can grab a sample for yourself if you want to. I would suggest that instead you purchase a Versace cologne that actually smells good.