Adidas Moves for Men Cologne Review

Adidas is an athletics company, so, it should be kept in mind that the fragrances they produce are catered to a certain segment of the market at a certain price point. This isn’t a Dior or Creed type of fragrance manufacturer, where you are buying something wholly unique and a fashion statement in its own right. With that out of the way, I wanted to do a review of this fragrance because it was one that I received as a gift in my early years in high school, which brings back memories when I think about Moves cologne.




Notes include: black pepper, clove, jasmine, pineapple, spearmint, green apple, musk, and more.


Moves is a citrusy fragrance. Not in terms of a lemony type of smell but its fruity based profile is something similar to Tommy Hilfiger (although they don’t smell the same at all). Where those two scent do align, is their youthful appeal. Let me just state from the start that, Adidas Moves is a cologne that should be used for high school guys in most instances. Maybe an older guy could wear it during a workout or something along those lines but should definitely opt for something more mature as a day to day fragrance.

A bottle of Moves can be had for under $10 which makes it a solid option for younger guys, who don’t have much of an income yet. The spice and the musk notes give it a hint of spiciness and solidify it as a men’s fragrance but it is more of a watery-type of scent due to the fruit notes. Green apple is most prevalent and I can also detect the pineapple in it as well. As it settles down a bit, the more earthy notes begin to emerge and give it a center.

Projection wise it’s pretty moderate and it can last somewhat long depending on the weather and conditions in which it is worn. It always struck me as a warm weather scent but it never really held up outdoors in the heat. It just evokes memories of those months when I was younger and this was my go to cologne. A couple sprays should be enough for sitting in class, dates, etc.

Overall, is Adidas Moves worth a look? I mean, if you’re in middle or high school, then it is a safe bet. Outside of that? If you just happen to get a free bottle or don’t care about spending the $10 bucks…then go for it. It’s not a mature fragrance and it doesn’t really have much to it in terms of layers. It’s a fairly attractive scent for the younger crowd, though it isn’t my favorite, but it is one which will work well for most guys of that age range.