Astor Place by Bond No. 9 Review

In this incarnation of the ongoing fragrance reviews on this site, I want to turn my attention to another ladies’ perfume from Bond No. 9 entitled, Astor Place. I will cover what’s in it, how it smells, how it performs, when it should be worn, and whether or not it is worth a purchase.


Notes include: violet leaf, freesia, red poppy buds, mandarin zest, teakwood, amber, musk, orris

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The opening of Astor Place gives off a blend of violet leaf, red poppy, and freesia with a slight mandarin zest. This isn’t a citrus takeover, as in Bond’s Little Italy. Rather, it does feel as if it’s just a bit of zest on top of the floral arrangement. The floral notes have some sweetness to them, as well as a fine powdery feel supplied by the orris.

As it dries down, Astor Place has its musk note emerge along with the unique teakwood note. There is usually an hour or two before the initial floral aromas give way to the clean and simple scent that follows. The freesia becomes more dominate over the other floral notes and at this point, the perfume become much more interesting and pretty, in my mind.

The projection on this isn’t huge, it’s kind of a scent that sneaks up on you. Like, it’ll go unnoticed and then you’ll suddenly catch a whiff of it and be drawn in. While it isn’t super strong, it is one that lasts a long time like 8+ hours, which is fantastic.

This is a spring/early summertime fragrance for casual wear. It fits right in at an office, as well, since it won’t be choking anybody out while one is wearing it. This is less along the lines of being a ‘sexy’ fragrance and one that is just bright and beautiful.

Overall, would I recommend Astor Place? I like it. Actually, the further it gets into the wear, the more I like it. The initial opening is easy to dismiss as just another floral but this one has some depth and it’s quite pleasant. Is it amazing? Not really. But as a casual floral, it’s good, and has great performance. Astor Place is not for everybody but there will be those who adore it.