Bois du Portugal by Creed Men’s Cologne Review

Another one of the fragrances that I revisited upon my excursions to the Creed boutique in Las Vegas was Bois du Portugal. This men’s cologne takes a different turn than other scents in the Creed family and offers a much more woodsy scent. It can also feel much more formal than even the other luxury fragrances offered by this boutique brand. In this post, I want to give my thoughts on this cologne, how it performs, when it should be worn, and whether or not it is worth a buy. Check out: Creed Tabarome Review and List of All Reviews from this Site


bois du portugal

Notes include: cedar, sandalwood, bergamot, ambergris, lavender, vetiver



I retested Bois du Portugal for one day with a few sprays on my arm. The opening is a familiar bergamot note from Creed which is similar to the one found in Green Irish Tweed as well as Silver Mountain Water. This opening blast of citrus blended with the sandalwood is just a phase for perhaps the first 20-30 minutes or so before it begins to transition away from something familiar to a more refined and mature cologne.

As it wears on a bit more, Bois du Portugal takes on more of the cedar and lavender notes and the bergamot begins to take a back seat. This is where this cologne begins to shine, in my opinion. At this stage, its a smooth, woodsy, and warm aroma that somewhat recalls the spiciness of Tabarome. This scent is so wholly classic and doesn’t feel the same as many more modern fragrances for men. At the same time, the sandalwood and lavender provide a touch of sweetness that doesn’t allow Bois du Portugal to stray too far in either direction. Like most other Creeds, this one is blended superbly.

Projection wise, it feels pretty moderate. It isn’t a complete beast but it isn’t weak either, which allows it to be a completely safe bet. Longevity is also really good on this as well, I think I got 8-9 solid hours out of Portugal and a couple more when it was in a much more weakened state. The woodsy scent lends itself well to the cooler months of the year. Also, it fits for office casual and dressed up events but no so much for clubbing or going to school.

Overall, would I rate this a buy? Yes, it is one of the best options for Creed. However, one needs to understand that it comes off as a mature and more serious type of cologne. Younger guys should probably stay away unless you have a very refined style or go to lots of upscale events. Bois du Portugal is a classic and should be treated as such. It is a really great scent for those who enjoy woodsy and elegant fragrances.