Bond No. 9 Riverside Drive Fragrance Review

This is going to serve as my inaugural review of a Bond No. 9 fragrance and I hope to cover them all in the future. However, since I’ve gotten a new vial of Riverside Drive wrapped in the bon-bon style this house’s samples are famous for, and it is fresh on my mind after wearing around…it’s time to write this out. Riverside Drive is classified as unisex but it is slightly more towards the masculine side of things, though not overly so. In this post, I want to give my impressions of this scent, what it smells like, how it performs, and whether or not it is worth a buy.



Notes include: oakmoss, basil, pineapple, sandalwood, and violet

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riverside drive


The opening of Riverside Drive immediately strikes me as familiar. It is crazy how much this is like a blend of Creed’s Green Irish Tweed and L’Homme Libre by YSL. ¬†On the Creed side of things, it’s the violet note and pineapple (GIT has lemon), which gives it a similar vibe…it also sort of seems like an Aventus style fragrance. So, off the bat, if you like any of those scents, you’ll probably like Riverside Drive. The basil note is quite prevalent as well, which is why Libre comes to mind.

I’d say it’s most similar to those fragrances in the initial phase of wear, the basil/woodsy/floral notes hit pretty hard at first, and then this Bond cologne mellows out into something fruitier. The oakmoss is more at play from the start and then becomes more of a background player. Riverside Drive just comes off as a very dry smelling fragrance (ala Azzaro Homme, which shares the oakmoss note), as the pineapple isn’t a ‘juicy’ scent when combined with the other notes.

Projection wise, it strikes me as a moderate. It isn’t a heavy fragrance, more casual, but definitely noticeable. It also has very good longevity and sticks with me as the day wears on. Riverside Drive is a good scent for the warmer months, it really doesn’t have that nightlife appeal, however. It is an attractive scent and girls seem to enjoy it but I’d wear it during the daytime in more casual situations.

Overall, is Riverside Drive, worth a buy? That depends. I enjoy the scent but much like GIT, it isn’t really my style. As such, I don’t want to pay for a full bottle. However, plenty of people would really like this stuff. It is a fine fragrance in my opinion and if any of the aforementioned colognes are one’s you really enjoy, I’d say go for it.