Burberry Body Women’s Perfume Review

So, it’s time for me to post another women’s perfume review. I got a few more ladies’ fragrance samples in my latest batch and so I thought that I’d write up my impressions of these scents to impart it to my female audience. Today’s review is going to cover, Burberry Body, a floral/fruity scent that was released in 2011. In this post, I want to cover how it smells and develops, how it performs, when it should be worn, and whether or not it is worth a purchase. Also see: Body vs London Perfume Comparison




burberry body

Notes include: peach, musk, rose, sandalwood, amber, iris, vanilla

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The opening blast of Body is headed by the peach note, with rose and a warm musk providing supporting roles. Initially, it is creamy and fruity but after 10 minutes or so the rose and the iris bring on a very floral profile. Body is quite smooth and mellowed out by the sandalwood and vanilla notes that creep in the background. In the dry down phase, you get a rose/peach blend with a warm and slightly spicy musk.

Projection wise, Burberry Body is pretty strong. It won’t fill up an entire room (unless you overdo it) but you’ll definitely know it is there. It also has very good longevity, I sprayed it on my wrist for an initial test, and it was still chugging along during the evening. I finally just had to scrub it off with soap and water because I was tired of smelling like a girl haha.

Body is an everyday wear, that would be good for casual occasions. I wouldn’t classify it as a sexy or date night perfume, though, I do find it attractive and wouldn’t mind smelling it on a girl I was dating. It seems like it would work best during fall or early spring when the weather isn’t too hot.

Overall, would I recommend Burberry Body? Yes, it is a very nice casual perfume for women. If you don’t like roses or peach in your fragrances, I’d probably skip this one if I were you. It’s more floral than fruity. So, if that isn’t you, go with another option. Body won’t blow you away but it gets the job done.