Burberry Brit Men’s Cologne Review and Rating

Despite the overwhelming popularity of my post on the top smelling Burberry fragrances for men, I had yet to do a review of Burberry Brit and thought that I would remedy that oversight today. In this post, I want to give a general overview of Brit, my impressions of it, how well it wears, and whether or not it should merit consideration of a purchase. Please continue below for my full review of this cologne for men.



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Notes include: wild roses, tonka bean, green mandarin, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, cedar

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My immediate impulse when smelling Burberry Brit is to compare it with other Burberry fragrances, such as London. Whereas London is more of a rugged, woodsy, tobacco type of scent, Brit immediately strikes me as something much smoother. The opening is fresh and delightful and one is immediately drawn into the subtle spice of the nutmeg/ginger/tonka notes and the quite powdery aroma which balances it out.

What is interesting about Brit is that it contains wild roses but that it doesn’t give off the extreme rosiness of a cologne such as Dunhill Desire. Brit isn’t in any way a loud cologne, I think it really does a fantastic job of taking different elements and working them together in harmony instead of having one dominate feature. ¬†With Brit, you get a warm spice, fresh green/woodsy notes, with a hint of citrus provided by the green mandarin note, and a baby powder type of finish.

Longevity wise, this is a really good performer and will typically last around 8 hours give or take. It isn’t a projection beast by any means but it does a great job at presenting itself as a moderate scent. Burberry Brit is another safe option for the autumn or winter months, just like Burberry for Men¬†(Also see: Brit vs Burberry for Men Comparison). However, I think Brit would be a better wintertime wear.

Overall, I really enjoy this stuff. Brit is a great choice for everyday wear in the fall or winter months of the year. It is a solid performer for school or work and safe to use in either environment. It isn’t necessarily a ‘sexy’ type of cologne but it smells damn good and is attractive enough with the ladies. I’d definitely rate it as a buy.