Burberry Weekend by Burberry Cologne Review

Burberry is a line which usually sports very good and universally appealing fragrances at a moderate price point. I have already gone over the best Burberry colognes here and I left Weekend off of that list. I don’t remember being impressed by it, however, when I received a mini bottle of this cologne, I thought that I would give it another shot and post a review. Did it change my mind, this time around? Read below for more.



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Notes include: tangerine, citrus, musk, rose, iris, sandalwood, oakmoss

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Burberry Weekend opens with a lot of citrus and it sticks around for the duration of the wear. After like 15-20 minutes some of the oakmoss and sandalwood type of notes do start to emerge which gives Weekend a bit of an earthy body but this is mostly a citrusy affair. To me, Burberry Weekend really doesn’t ever get anymore complex than that, just a blend of citrus and some woodsy notes in the background.

It’s projection and longevity are both moderate. It’s a casual spring/summer fragrance, that really won’t overpower or jump out at you but it isn’t the type that will fade after 15 minutes of use either. In terms of performance, I’d say that Weekend is solid all around.

This is a very short review because quite frankly, Weekend isn’t all that impressive. If you’re a big fan of citrus, then maybe it’s worth getting a hold of. Otherwise, I really don’t get who this is aimed at. I think that it smells okay but the citrus is just too prevalent and the other notes never seem to fully wrestle control away from it. As a result, it can take on too much of a bathroom cleaner type of scent…it’s not totally chemical but you can definitely detect a resemblance. Is it an awful cologne? No, but it isn’t a good one. There are much better options from the line of Burberry scents (see: London and Burberry for Men) and other ones that are much better choices for summer weather. I’ll probably pass on wearing the rest of this mini bottle.