Bvlgari Aqua Pour Homme Men’s Cologne Review

I’ve had this review idea sitting in my drafts folder for a couple of years now. I entirely forgot to review Bvlgari Aqva, way back then, and have overlooked it ever since. So, here I am to remedy that oversight, armed with another mini bottle of this Bvlgari aquatic fragrance. How does it stack up? What does it smell like? Does it last long? Please continue reading below for my full take of Aqva.


Notes include: mandarin, seaweed, cedar, orange, lavender, petitgrain

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It doesn’t get much more ‘aquatic’ than a scent whose main note is seaweed. Yes, that green stuff at the bottom of the ocean, gives Bvlgari Aqua a very interesting aroma which helps sets it apart from the crowd. The opening blends this seaweed note with cedar and both types of orange to create something that is familiar with its citrus content while still remaining fresh and unique.

This opening lasts about 10 minutes or so and then Aqva changes course. It becomes more oceanic and salty, with a bit of smoothness from the lavender note. This is when this fragrance really shines as an aquatic, as you will pick up on that watery sea vibe. Also, Aqva begins to hang much closer to the skin, and you won’t detect it for a few minutes and then it’ll hit your nose again. It’s kind of a weird experience.

Projection wise, it starts off pretty strong and as I wrote, it turns more into a skin scent that can be sneaky strong. I guess I could say that it’s fairly moderate, when you don’t notice it but other’s in your general vicinity will. Longevity wise, it’s okay, and not something that lasts more than 5 hours or so.

When to wear? Summertime, of course. This is a casual scent that is built for the summer months. I wouldn’t be wearing it to the office or while dressed up but at the beach or at a laid back bar at night, this would be good stuff to have on. This is straight coastal and island life in a bottle.

Overall, do I like Aqua? Yes, it’s kind of a niche fragrance in terms of its use, but has a wide appeal in terms of its smell. This is a unique scent by Bvlgari (before they released all of the flanker versions), the seaweed and oceanic aroma give it a defined spot to wear on the calendar, and it is a great wear from the aquatic category. It doesn’t have amazing longevity but it is decent for what it is. If aquatics/oceanic scents aren’t your thing, skip this one. Otherwise, you might do well to check Bvlgari Aqva out.