CK One Shock Men’s Cologne Review

When I got around to reviewing CK One a few days back, I decided that I would start to tackle some of the other fragrances in the Calvin Klein line also. Today, I want to focus on CK One Shock for men, which right away tells you it’s going to be quite different from its unisex counterpart. I really do like this fragrance, although, I guess I’m not too fond of the bottle design (the green lettering reminds me of Ghostbusters) but whatever it’s what’s inside that counts, right? With that in mind, let us take a closer look at CK One Shock cologne.

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Notes include: Clementine, Cucumber, Black Pepper, Black Basil, Tobacco And Musk Base Notes

Current 3.4 oz price: $26.99

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The first thing that one notices about CK One Shock is that it is a wholly masculine scent, especially when compared to the original CK One. With a name like Shock, you would also expect it to be extremely bold and of course, shocking. However, that isn’t the case in my opinion, it is a good scent but there are far more energetic fragrances on the market.

CK One Shock is a very youthful fragrance to me and it’s woodsy and spicy masculinity is underlined but an inherent sweetness, like a warm vanilla scent. Also, while tobacco is a base note, it comes out in a very subtle way and isn’t overwhelming at all in its presentation.

Some definite things that CK One Shock has going for it is the price and the longevity. For an everyday wearer it is very affordable and unique enough for a man to stand out from the crowd. It is also one that will last long enough on your skin to go through its entire presentation of notes before it evaporates completely. I would say that while it has to ability to be an everyday wear, it seems like it’d be at its best in the Fall months.

Overall, CK One Shock¬†can be a good choice for guys who are on a budget or have limited options. It is a moderate to slightly heavy scent that projects warmth, sweetness, and masculinity for hours on end. It does have a certain uniqueness to it but that uniqueness is still rather plain and unexciting. It’s a solid cologne at the price, but I feel that there are many other choices out there which are better.