Creed Tabarome Men’s Cologne Review

During a recent trip to Las Vegas, I got to visit (a few times) the Creed boutique store. There are only two of these boutiques from Creed in North America (other one is in NYC). As such, I got to experience and revisit some of this brand’s scents for men and one of those happened to be Tabarome. It had been such a long time since I had smelled this fragrance and thought that I would now post a review of it since it was fresh in my mind. Now, this is going to be my experience with wearing it on one particular day and not over several days like in my other reviews, so, the performance aspect of this review will be much more limited. However, I’d still like to share my thoughts on Tabarome and whether or not it is worth a purchase.


Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace where the Creed boutique is located

Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace where the Creed boutique is located.

Notes include: ginger, vetiver, musk, tobacco, jasmine, bergamot, tangerine, sandalwood, ambergris, leather

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It was cool to have a Creed shop so close by while staying at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and quite impressive to see their entire line being offered in one place. Tabarome opens with a very fresh and moderately spicy blast of the ginger note. To me, the opening is when the ginger really dominates and while it is the most prominent note in Tabarome, it seems to settle down quite a bit after a bit of wear. I think that the ginger could turn some people off of this scent but that’s a mistake in my opinion, as I feel that it can be a very good note when used properly (it just isn’t utilized often enough) and that Tabarome takes a little while to truly reveal itself.

By the name, one would probably expect a tobacco dominated cologne. There is a tobacco element within Tabarome but it isn’t the usual smokey, already cured tobacco. It is more of the ‘green’ smell of a growing tobacco plant (if you’ve ever experienced that scent). The bergamot gives it a slightly citrus aroma much like the same note in Aventus, although, in Tabarome the citrus is a background player and not the main event.

Tabarome is a beautiful blend of sweet and spiciness and never seems to allow any one ingredient take over entirely. The musk and the standard Creed ambergris give this cologne a definite warmth and the leather brings on a masculine smoothness.

It was probably 85 degrees on the day I wore Tabarome in Las Vegas. It held up pretty nicely in that weather but I think it would be bettered severed in the spring or a cooler fall day. I did get a solid 5-6 hours out of this scent, again though, it wasn’t a usual day and I was running around town doing a lot of stuff outside…so maybe it isn’t a fair reflection on its usual performance. Tabarome is a classic masculine type of scent, it isn’t heavy handed, and feels much more reserved than some of the other Creed scents. It isn’t weak in my opinion, pretty moderate across the board in how it projects. This is an everyday wear, it could work on a date but I wouldn’t call it a ‘sexy’ fragrance.

Overall, is Tabarome worth a buy? I think that it is one of Creed’s best scents, definitely underrated and overshadowed by some of its peers. Not every guy will enjoy it and it for sure has a much more limited appeal in who would wear it. If you like slightly sweet and spicy fragrances that are warm and have a citrus/woodsy element to them, then Tabarome might be worth a look. It is quite a fresh and classic type of scent which calls back to yesteryear and is well suited for the mature man.