Daisy by Marc Jacobs Ladies Perfume Review

I thought that it was time to give Daisy by Marc Jacobs a proper review and so with the last batch of samples that I ordered, I got a vial of this fragrance sent to me as well. It has been a very popular perfume for women for probably over a decade at this point and is always among the best sellers. In this post, I am going to cover how it smells, performs, when it should be worn, and whether or not I think it is worthy of a purchase.


daisy marc jacobs perfume

Notes include: grapefruit, gardenia, jasmine, violet, musk, and vanilla

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The opening of Daisy gives me the same kind of watery floral aroma that Alien Aqua Chic did when I reviewed it. The floral notes are different but there is a similar effect and I think that Daisy happens to do it better. Daisy is heavily weighted towards violet and there is also some interplay between the jasmine and gardenia notes. However, the latter two seem to be background players to the main attraction of violet.

The grapefruit note gives Daisy a bit more energy and there is also definitely a musky warmth to this perfume. This whole scent strikes me as very light and slightly aquatic, like if the flowers were sitting in a vase full of water. As it wears on, Daisy takes on more of a powdery scent but that never completely takes over the composition but it does feel noticeable about an hour or so in.

Projection wise, Daisy is light but it isn’t weak. It isn’t a beast that is going to envelop you (unless you spray like crazy) but it is quite noticeable. Longevity is pretty darn good but not spectacular, I’d say it can hit 7 hours on a regular basis, depending on the conditions it’s worn in.

This Marc Jacobs fragrance is best worn casually, for a day at the office or running around town. I wouldn’t call it a date night perfume or really sexy at all. It’s something that is light and fresh and inoffensive. I’d also say it’s probably best worn in the springtime as that’s where the notes seem most at home but you could also where it in the other months of the year and be perfectly fine.

Overall, is Daisy worth a buy? Yes, provided that you like floral scents. It’s a really good casual/everyday wear perfume that seems to enjoy a pretty universal popularity. If you want something that is a little more bold or sexy, then you should probably look elsewhere. Daisy does what it does very well and if you’re in the market for something along those lines, it’s a winner.