Eternity Aqua for Men by Calvin Klein Cologne Review

For our next entry in our series of review of Calvin Klein colognes for men, we are going to be taking a closer look at Eternity Aqua which was introduced by the designer in 2010. Yes, it’s a much more recent and up to date version of the highly popular Eternity, though, the two are quite different fragrances even if they share the same name. As always, I have linked out to this colognes product page for further information, reviews, and ease of purchase.


eternity aqua

Notes include: green leaves, white cedar, citrus, guaiac wood, water lotus, patchouli, Szechuan pepper, mirabelle, lavender, sandalwood, musk, chilled cucumber

On Amazon: Calvin Klein ETERNITY for Men AQUA Eau de Toilette, 3.4 fl. oz.


For many of the aquatic fragrances, I am of the thought that I will only wear them in certain circumstances and that none of them have ever become an everyday wear for me. That isn’t to say that I don’t like acquatics, I do, I just find these scents are more of a specialty item for my own personal style than anything else. That being said, I think Eternity Aqua is a really good but not great option in this category of scent but the construction of its notes aren’t really aquatic at all. It’s almost something else posing as an aquatic fragrance.

Eternity Aqua is really crisp in clean in its presentation and when the cucumber note emerges, I find it to be rather soothing as well. While it does mimic aquatic colognes in some respects, I feel that it is more of a sporty scent full of fresh green aromas than anything marine based.

This fragrance is a light option, so unless you drown yourself in it, it shouldn’t offend and have people running away from you. I haven’t found it to be particularly long-lasting, but it isn’t a complete let down either, it’s somewhat moderate in that regard.

Aqua is best left to the summer months, when the warm temperatures can cause many other scents to wilt in the exposure. It does blend some citrus and floral notes which gives it an interesting opening before it settles down into a light, clean, and almost powdery like aroma. I wouldn’t mind wearing this at all during the daytime in the summer months, as it presents itself perfectly well, and the scent while it is nothing too unique is attractive and pleasant.

All in all, if you need an affordable option for the warmer months, Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein is a solid performer that will get the job done. It smells really good, isn’t overpowering, has decent longevity, and can be had at a good price. It isn’t unique but not everything needs to be.