Fougere Royale by Houbigant Cologne Review

In this review, I am going to take a closer look at a modern relaunch of a classic fragrance from the 19th century, Houbigant’s Fougere Royale. This is one of the last men’s fragrance samples that I received with my last batch, so, I’m going to have to reorder more stuff to review once I finish with all of the ladies’ samples I have to go through and review. As usual, I want to cover what it’s made of, how it smells, performs, when it should be worn, and if it is worth a purchase or not.


Notes include: oak moss, lavender, tonka bean, geranium, bergamot, chamomile, cinnamon

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Upon the first sniff of Fougere Royale, I am immediately struck by the oak moss and lavender notes. Also, I notice how much it smells like Azzaro Pour Homme. These two colognes are almost dead ringers for one another. There is definitely a lot of overlap in the notes and the style of both of these scents, so if you like one, you’ll probably be into the other.

Fougere Royale has a very cool and crisp aroma to it that is very soothing and yet wholly masculine. It comes across as a clean and fresh scent that would be great for a more mature man. There is a small but noticeable level of sweetness and citrus that comes across and supports the main oak moss and lavender tandem. As a fougere, this scent obviously has that green and outdoorsy kind of feel and it doesn’t get detracted from that path by any of the other notes. Honestly, I’m never really wowed by this cologne but I do find that it is extremely well put together and they did an excellent job in producing this scent.

Projection wise, it’s pretty moderate. It’s not an overpowering scent and is towards the lighter side of things but I wouldn’t call it weak by any stretch. While it isn’t a huge or powerful fragrance, it does have pretty darn good longevity, I’ve been getting 7-8 hours of use from a few spritzes out of the sample vial.

Fougere Royale is probably best served as a casual or office wear scent. I actually think that it works really well here in the early spring weather and I think it could be pulled off for most of the year outside of the high heat of summer.

Overall, would I consider this as a buy? It’s nice, if you’re into the ‘green’ or fougere genre of fragrances. It’s not really my style but I think that this is a good scent. It has so much similarity to Azzaro Pour Homme that if I wanted to buy one of these two, I’d simply go for the cheapest bottle available to me. Fougere Royale is just one of those colognes that is solid all around but doesn’t really ever separate itself enough for me to get too excited about it.