Guess Seductive Homme Blue Cologne Review

I have a bottle of Guess Seductive, which I still use from time to time, when I want to wear something casual. For the price, Seductive is a great little cologne to have, as it smells really good and gives a good performance. I had however, yet to try other Guess offerings, and decided that I would like to test out the flanker of Seductive, Guess Seductive Homme Blue. In this post, I want to review Blue and give my thoughts on how it smells and performs as a fragrance.



Notes include: citrus, moss, caviar, black pepper, cashmere wood, cardamom

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The opening of Blue, really struck a note with me. Immediately, I liked this aroma better than the original Guess Seductive (which I really like). ¬†Though, it feels a bit synthetic, it was such a unique and different scent that I was completely drawn in. I couldn’t even identify any notes and had to look them up just to know what I was smelling. It’s a soft scent with a refreshing and slightly powdery/spicy smell yet has an aquatic heart to it. ¬†The cardamom note is dominate in this one and when paired with a vague hint of citrus, it takes on a La Nuit by YSL kind of scent. I’m not saying it smells just like the YSL cologne, however, those two notes make these colognes seem like distant cousins. Also see: Guess Seductive vs Guess Seductive Blue

Blue is really fresh and the aquatic pairing with a powdery spiciness is just great. One of the notes is caviar for God’s sake…it doesn’t really get more oceanic than that but when added to other hints of the sea and you’ve got something really different than other scents in this cheaper price range. It isn’t a super masculine scent either, it could honestly be unisex.

Projection wise, Seductive Homme Blue is on the softer side of moderate. This isn’t one that will completely take over a room but it is just about right for casual wear. The longevity of this cologne sucks though. One spray will last somewhere between 20-30 minutes before you have to press your nose to the skin in order to smell anything. The original Seductive Homme, has pretty good longevity, so the fact that this one has problems was a major disappointment.

Overall, is Blue worth it? I actually like how it smells better than the original Guess Seductive. However, this one has bad longevity. You could definitely spray more than usual to get it to last longer or reapply it throughout the day. This could be an absolute steal for the price if it performed better. So, I’d say pick up a bottle for cheap and see how it fares on your skin or find something else within this price range that lasts.