I Love New York for Him by Bond No. 9 Cologne Review

For my second review in this series of Bond No.9 scents, I will tackle, I Love New York for Him. This is of course, one of the male fragrances from the ‘I Love NY’ line that came out 5-6 years back. As usual, I am going to cover my impressions, how it smells, how it performs, when it could be worn, and whether or not I think that this cologne is worth a buy or not.


Notes include: patchouli, leather, musk, grapefruit, ginger, geranium, lavender, amber, sandalwood

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The opening of I Love New York for Him seems to me to be an intense burst of mainly the grapefruit and patchouli notes with just a hint of musk. Frankly, I don’t find it to be all that enjoyable. It smells quite acidic and concentrated and too overpowering at this stage for my tastes. It usually settles down within 5-10 minutes and becomes a much more enjoyable blend of citrus and spice but I really don’t like that initial part.

The thing that I noticed most about this Bond No. 9 fragrance is how much it smells like Just Cavalli Him. They share the ginger and geranium notes and the Cavalli exchanges the grapefruit for bergamot but, man, there is a lot of overlap here. I Love New York does have better performance and the patchouli/musk combo sets it apart but these two are definitely related in many ways.

The projection with this one is rather moderate. Although, I will say I enjoy it more during the drydown stage than i the beginning, it simply isn’t as intense. I Love New York for Him does have really good longevity and I can detect this cologne all day. So, it does actually deliver on the performance aspect.

If anything, this cologne is good for casual wear during the warmer months of the year. It is a clean kind of fragrance but I wouldn’t call it sexy in the slightest. I wouldn’t ever think to wear this scent on a date or out for a night at the bars.

Overall, is I Love New York for Him worth a buy? I’d say no. It’s not terrible by any means but it’s so generic and simplistic to me. Plus, the price is the usual high end of the spectrum that Bond No. 9 is known for. If you’re going to spend that much, at least get the best colognes of the brand. Even if you did dig this scent, I’d simply buy Just Cavalli Him for cheap and buy some other scents in conjunction with that. Otherwise, I don’t really see a purpose for this cologne.