Just Cavalli Him by Roberto Cavalli Cologne Review

Here is the last review from the box of my recent samples and I should be ordering my bottles of cologne and perfume soon to check out. Today’s scent is a release by Roberto Cavalli from 2004, Just Cavalli Him. This isn’t some best seller or big time scent that everyone raved about, so I was interested to see what this cologne was all about. In this post, I’ll give an overview of how it smells, performs, and whether or not I think Just Cavalli Him is worth a buy.



just cavalli him cologne review

Notes include: ginger, bergamot, cardamom, clary sage, geranium, cedar, coriander 

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The opening of Just Cavalli Him strikes me as something that is quite different from many other men’s fragrances. It is very fresh with a woodsy spice to it provided by the dominant ginger note. The sleeve that my sample vial came with, classifies this as a woody aromatic cologne, and that description is right on the money. There is something that is wholly herbal and outdoorsy about this scent, with just a hint of citrus to give it a summery feel, which is the bergamot note in action.

Him has an energetic feeling to it and it seems like it would fall in the 20-30s age range for potential wearers. It’s clean and almost has a soapy quality to its presentation. As it wears on, the citrus from the bergamot becomes more noticeable but it never loses that spicy/herbal/woody trio that sets it apart.

Projection wise, Just Cavalli Him is pretty soft. It has decent projection for awhile but it is by no means a beast. It actually does have good longevity, which is nice to have with a softer cologne. It should provide about 6 hours or more of solid wear. This is a casual fragrance and is safe to wear at work or school. I guess it could be used as a date night scent but it isn’t extremely sexy or anything. I would definitely reserve this cologne for the summer or spring.

Overall, is Just Cavalli Him, worth a buy? Maybe. It is inexpensive at this point, if you can still find a bottle. It’s a pleasant cologne but it isn’t some amazing scent by any stretch of the imagination. It gets the job done, however and I do like it more than the I Love Him flanker that Cavalli put out. It’s solid, smells fresh, and offers a pretty unique scent.