Just Different by Hugo Boss Cologne Review

For today’s review, I am going to cover another Hugo Boss scent, the 2011 release Just Different. How does this casual fragrance from Boss stack up? How does it smell? Is it ultimately worth a purchase? Please continue reading below for my full wear review.



Notes include: mint, freesia, basil, cashmeran, patchouli and apple

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Now, naming fragrances can be a funny business. For example, there are many ‘intense’ versions of colognes out there that are actually weak as hell. Just Different by Hugo Boss takes its name and delivers something quite familiar and ordinary. That’s not to say that this fragrance is bad, just the name really doesn’t fit.

The opening is a really fresh blast of cool mint and along with the patchouli, reminds me of Ice Men. These two colognes are not the same but they do share some similarities. Where they differ (and where I think Just Different is better) is the light apple note and the herbal spice provided by the basil. I also feel that this Hugo Boss scent shares some DNA with Lacoste L.12.12. White, so I’d put it as a blend between that and the aforementioned Ice Men.

Just Different has a ‘cold’ energy to it. This is a very fresh/clean type of scent and the patchouli seems to give it a bit more body, to an otherwise thin or light cologne. It’s a pretty linear fragrance and what you smell is what you get after the initial opening 5 minutes.

The projection is quite light. It is noticeable but definitely not a heavy hitter. The performance in terms of longevity is actually pretty decent, I can get up to 6 hours of wear. Not great but not as bad a some others out there on the market.

Just Different strikes me as a casual scent for spring/summer. It’s a change of pace from the usual citrus or aquatic fragrances and takes a bit of different path with the mint note (maybe that’s what’s so ‘different’ about it).

Overall, this is a very meh fragrance. Hugo Boss seems to have a lot of these over the years, colognes that don’t really stand out and are pretty generic in almost every way. I mean, it smells pretty nice, but isn’t fantastic by any stretch. What’s the point of owning this? Maybe if you got a really cheap bottle.