Kenzo Best Ladies Perfumes: Top 4 Fragrances by Kenzo

Kenzo has been an innovative and respected French design house for about 45 years now. In that time, it has also established a name and niche following in the world of fragrance. It grabbed praise and attention with it’s signature scent, Flower, and has produced unique and highly feminine perfumes ever since. For this list, I have chosen what I consider to be the top four ladies’ fragrances by Kenzo. As always, I have linked to their respective pages on for further info and ease of purchase.

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Jungle L’Elephant– Besides having a cool elephant on the bottle, Jungle by Kenzo is designed to “bring the animal out of you”. It is energetic with an oriental spiciness that will stand out from the crowd and delivers a long-lasting scent.



Flower– The long running most popular ladies scent from Kenzo. Flower is naturally a floral scent but it does have a bit of spicy and powdery aroma to it. Flower is still soft and feminine and overall quite pleasing.


D’ete- A clean and green floral that brings a certain sweetness to its layers. Warm and great for casual wear on a day to day basis and has a scent unique to itself.



L’eau Par Kenzo– A blend of aquatic and floral notes make Par Kenzo a very nice choice for the warmer months of the year. Simple. refreshing, and understated.