Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Jaune (Yellow) Cologne Review

One of the few things that I actually like about being in airports ,is the proliferation of duty free shops and luxury retailers, from which I can test out a few sprays of new colognes. Today, while at El Prat in Barcelona, I got to sample Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Jaune and thought that I’d post a one-time wear review of this fragrance. Now for those of you who don’t know French, this is the yellow bottle of the series, and was released back in 2015.  As usual, I’m going to give my thoughts on how it smells, performs, and whether or not I think that it is worth a purchase.


Notes Include: grapefruit, pink pepper, cyprus, tonic, golden delicious apples

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Upon first spraying Jaune, I immediately identified the first note as grapefruit. There is a slight spice to it, which when combined with the citrus overtones, creates an energetic and lively fragrance.  The opening is rather bold and instantly reminds one of a summer day with a hint of woodiness provided by the cyprus note, gives Jaune a somewhat unique feeling for this type of citrus fragrance.

One thing that I noticed about Jaune, is that, it doesn’t particularly develop beyond its initial scent. It’s very simplistic and straightforward. That initial burst is really quite good but this cologne lacks any real character, other than what it first shows you. That in itself, wouldn’t be a problem. However, it becomes much more noticeable when its other weakness is put front and center.

The longevity of this one, like the other Eau de Lacoste scents I have reviewed, leaves much to be desired. Again, it starts off bold and seems like it’ll be a welcome addition to your cologne collection, but then fades relatively fast and is relegated to a skin scent. It does project very well for the first 30-45 minutes of wear…which just ain’t enough. I also sprayed Polo Red Extreme, on my other arm at the same time, and that Ralph Lauren fragrance is still going strong. The difference is very noticeable in terms of performance.

I don’t know that I like the scent of the Yellow bottle of Eau de Lacoste better than the White, but it might have the edge (or be tied) with Red. Jaune is a bit different than the others, it’s a casual spring/summer scent, but I’d categorize it more towards the sporty end of the spectrum.

Overall, is it worth a buy? Maybe. If you can get a hold of a cheap bottle of Jaune, then, I would consider having a bottle. The scent is a really nice and energetic citrus, if that’s your thing, than this Eau de Lacoste edition is worth a look. Again, I wish Lacoste would’ve beefed up the longevity of these scents because they are good casual colognes for the warmer months. Good smell, not so great performance.