Le Bateleur 1 by Dolce & Gabbana Cologne Review


Dolce & Gabbana released it so-called Anthology series of fragrances a few years ago and I have already reviewed two of these colognes on this site already (La Force, Le Fou). In all honesty, this line of scents has been quite disappointing. Not that they are horrible fragrances by any means, it just seems that they are all sort of bland and/or weak in their longevity and projection. In this post, I want to take a closer look at Le Bateleur 1 from D&G.


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Notes include: coriander, juniper berries, cardamom, cedar, vetiver, and birch

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Like the rest of the Anthology series, I feel that this cologne isn’t really anything that special. I definitely like it but not as much as Le Fou 21 or any of the plethora of great fragrance options that I have. Upon the first spray, I noticed an aquatic quality to this and definitely the juniper berries. That’s what the opening is mostly consisting of in my opinion, water and juniper. It’s nice and has a earthy and woodsy fragrance to it.

After a while, it does seem to shift a bit more into the woodsy feeling than being strictly an aquatic with berries. It is a fresh smell that is slightly masculine but could pull off a unisex application. It’s not heavy and animalistic, just a clean woodsy and sometimes hard to pin down scent.

Longevity wise, it isn’t that great. Maybe 4 hours on my skin. Also, it doesn’t project itself well and I forgot that I was even wearing it at times. It seems to me that all of the fragrances in this series have plenty of positive qualities, however, none are complete. It’s like they are all missing one ingredient are quality that would tie them together and make them good performers. Do I recommend it? Not really. It’s a nice scent but I couldn’t justify buying a whole bottle for myself. Give the sample size a try and see if it works for you.