Mankind Ultimate by Kenneth Cole Cologne Review

It’s been a minute since I have posted a new cologne review, so I figured that I’d jump back into the routine by reviewing a new men’s fragrance. I got a hold of a sample of Kenneth Cole’s new scent, Mankind Ultimate and being that it feels like a good summer scent, I decided to test it out a bit and put up this post.


Notes include: citrus, vetiver, cucumber, sandalwood, oakmoss, cashmere wood


My first impressions of this cologne upon first sniff were that it had a very clean and crisp air to it. It’s a very pleasant fragrance right out of the gate and just seems like a scent that you couldn’t go wrong with in just about any situation. I was also struck by its familiarity. While it was a very pleasant smell, it seemed like a rehash or very close relative to some other men’s colognes out on the market. I recently reviewed, Mont Blanc Legend, and so after going through various bottles and samples, I pinpointed that this was the similar fragrance. Though, I suppose that it also has a lot of similar qualities to other colognes out there to, that I just cannot think of at this time.

Similarities aren’t a bad thing necessarily. However, if you can get one scent over the other for cheaper, and the performance and experience is pretty damn close…

Anyways, performance wise, Mankind Ultimate is very solid across the board. It’s not a marathon fragrance but it isn’t one that peters out after fifteen minutes either. I really do like this scent and really appreciated the fresh and energetic feeling that I got while wearing it. I think it’s a good choice for spring or summer months, not that it holds up brilliantly in searing heat (hardly anything does), but it seems to match the mood of those seasons.

I really do like this scent and think that it smells wonderful. Then again, there are lots of other colognes that smell just as wonderful, so this isn’t one for someone looking for a unique or signature scent. It’s a really good cologne with lots of versatility and will garner complements. Just understand that it might not stand out from the crowd.