Michael for Men by Michael Kors Cologne Review

There are plenty of popular fragrances out there which are light and sweet in their aromas and downright unisex in their application, if not almost completely feminine. Michael for Men by Michael Kors is not one of these scents. I recently received a sample vial of this stuff and have been testing it out over the past few days, in order to see if I like it and to get a sense of how it holds up throughout the day. In this post, I’m going to relay my findings to you and whether or not I think this cologne is worth a purchase.


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Notes include: Leather, woods, patchouli , tobacco, sandalwood, fruits, plum

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The opening notes of Michael for Men strike me as very warm and spicy, in the same way Opium Pour Homme does, only without the prominent vanilla note. Immediately, I thought that this was a cologne built for the colder months of the year. However, the spicy notes don’t envelop you like a cloud, this cologne has a quite smooth and woodsy undercurrent to it, like a shot of good whiskey. I found it to be quite nice and masculine.

This Michael Kors fragrance also has a layer of sweetness to it provided by the dried fruit notes which includes, plum. To me, the fruits never develop into anything that strong but they do play a nice supporting role throughout its life cycle. I will say, that, after about and hour or so, the spicy notes begin to take a back seat and the cologne becomes more refined with the scent of leather and woods emerging more to complement the tobacco.

While Michael for Men starts out fairly strong, I would say that its projection is quite moderate. It doesn’t overpower but I also got some pretty decent results with it too. It also doesn’t last all day, like some colognesbut it doesn’t fade out after 30 minutes either. In terms, of its performance, I would say this cologne is moderate across the board.

Would I recommend this fragrance? Meh…I don’t hate it but I’m not exactly thrilled with it either, it’s just not really my style. I think this would be a solid option for some men during the late fall and winter months but it’s just not for me. If you are the type that really likes the smooth, spicy, tobacco type of scents, this would be a good bet. It’s warm, inviting, and classy…I just personally have no real use for it.