Nautica Voyage Men’s Cologne Review

There are some fragrances that are standouts and very popular no matter the price point. The inexpensive scents of the bunch can go on to be best sellers and be well regarded by those around a man while he wears these colognes. One such scent, is an offering by Nautica called Voyage. In this post, I want to take a closer look at the fragrance and see if Voyage is really all its cracked up to be.

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Notes include: apple, musk, cedar, green leaf, amber, mimosa


The first thing that I notice about Voyage is how it gives off that vibe of late spring and summertime. It is an aquatic cologne but one that has a different type of summery feel to it than the much more expensive, Creed Imperial or something of similar price range like Set Sail St. Barts. It is less oceanic than other scents from Nautica or even those two colognes that I just mentioned, it is softer and has more of a woodsy influence to it. The other colognes tend to have notes of sea water or salt to give it that purely oceanic feel.

However, where it does seem to line up with these other summertime aquatics is its use of a fruit note, in this case apple. The apple gives it a light and crisp fragrance that can only be described a refreshing. Keep in mind, this isn’t a sexy night life scent, Nautica Voyage is a daytime wear all the way. It has a youthful sensibility and subtle charm to it that makes people come back for more.

Projection wise, it’s pretty good. This isn’t a heavy cologne, nor should it be. However, this isn’t one which projects like a beast, so keep that in mind. Longevity wise I’d say it’s moderate, depending on the day or the person’s skin chemistry, it can vary in length of time…7 hours is what I find the max to be with reapplication.

Overall, is Voyage worth a purchase? Yes, it is a fantastic and inexpensive choice for men. It is better than many other fragrances which cost multiple times as much, smells great, and performs well during the warmer months of the year. I would recommend giving it a try.