Obsessed for Women by Calvin Klein Review

I’ve already reviewed Obsessed for Men, on this site, which was a pretty good fragrance. So, when I got a sample of Obsessed for Women, I was intrigued to see what direction Calvin Klein was going to take this in. This is actually a new release for 2017 and shares a similar name with the classic Obsession, though, their doesn’t appear to be any actual similarities between them. In this post, I’m going to go over how it smells, performs, what the notes are, and whether or not it is worth a further look.


Notes include: musk, sage, lavender, citrus, neroli, violet leaf

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The packaging that the sample vial of Obsessed for Women came in, says that it is ‘a female interpretation of an oriental fougere’.  With that, I wasn’t expecting something that was hyper feminine or sweet, and after use this does feel more like an unisex perfume. The opening is floral, herbal, and musky. The lavender has that familiar scent and reminds me of the lavender Epsom bath salt that I use for sore muscles.

The citrus notes are noticeable at the start, as well, and give it kind of an aquatic aroma. It really does bring back memories of two of Calvin Klein’s 90s unisex fragrances, CK One and CK Be, but retains something different from each of those scents. I think the warm musky spice and the sage, set it apart, and there is this underlying body wash/soapy quality to Obsessed.

Obsessed is fresh throughout its lifespan and the floral notes provided by the neroli and violet leaf begin to come into play about 20-30 minutes after application. That is when it begins to shift more towards the feminine side of the spectrum, after the quite ambiguous start. However, it stays mostly in that floral/soft/spice/fresh water aquatic, mode throughout.

Projection wise, it’s decent, and definitely didn’t seem overpowering to me. I also sprayed it three times on a shirt and parked it about 4 feet away and didn’t really detect it. Obsessed is a perfume that performs well, but you have to get closer. Longevity, again, was decent. Maybe 6+ hours, depending on the environment.

It feels more appropriate as a spring/summer scent but I think that it could perform well in any season really. While it does enjoy seasonal versatility, I’d classify it as casual. It’s a pleasant perfume, but I don’t find it sexy or anything of that nature. A good low-key scent for work or school or some other casual function.

Overall, is Obsessed worth a purchase? I don’t have anything bad to say about it. It serves its purpose as a fresh scent that is a nice change from the usual fruity or hyper-sweet perfumes. So, if you’re in the market for that thing and are a fan of lavender, musk, and sage; then this one might be a good fit as a daily wear. I don’t find it to be some incredible scent that is a must have, but it is nice, low key, and veers more to the unisex than girly.