Best Perfumes for College Girls: Top Student Fragrances

Certain perfumes tend to correspond towards a certain age group. There are some really great fragrances out there which are a bit too mature for a teenage girl but are perfect for a businesswoman. Scents for teenagers or college girls should be fun, playful, and energetic at the least and sexy, sophisticated, and sensual for those college women who have a bit more elegance to their personal style. It’s not always a cut and dry thing based on age group as personality and style comes into play when choosing a scent. For this list, I tried to choose perfumes for teenage girls or college students which run the gamut of styles. I have selected plenty of inexpensive scents as well as some which are more expensive so that you can find a perfect fragrance within your budget.

As always, I have linked each perfume to its page on I have also denoted in red which ones have sample sizes available for you to give a perfume a try.

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Inexpensive Perfumes


Euphoria Forbidden by Calvin Klein The original Euphoria perfume is the best selling of the two but Forbidden is an amazing and flirty fragrance that is sure to turn some heads. The top notes are fruity, middle are floral, and it ends with a blends of woodsy notes and musk.

euphoria forbidden

Lolita Lempicka – A wildly popular scent for women, especially younger women. It does have a woodsy base to it but includes some sweet candy inspired notes which blends together beautifully.


Fantasy by Britney Spears– This is one celebrity fragrance which is actually really good. It has a nice, sweet aroma perfect for a younger girl with a playful personality. Not a scent that will cry out sophistication but a well-made fragrance none the less.


Pink Sugar by Aquolina– Vanilla and caramel highlight this scents notes. It is another sweet, candy centered perfume but this one has a certain sexiness to it.

pink sugar

CK One by Calvin Klein– A unisex scent from CK which has been a best seller for years. It’s a clean, aquatic scent with some citrus notes that gives it a fresh aroma.

ck one

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger– It has become a classic since its 1996 release and for good reason. It’s part floral, part aquatic, and provides a clean and crisp scent. Notes include apple blossom, jasmine, black tea, violet, and honeysuckle among others.


Guess Marciano by Guess– Guess Marciano is an underrated perfume in my opinion. It definitely has a classic style while including some notes such as star fruit and orange liquor to give it a unique fragrance.



Burberry Brit– Brit seems to be many people’s favorite Burberry scent and it does smell great. I like the woman’s perfume version a lot just like the men’s in this one. London is another good choice from Burberry.


Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture– A fruity and floral scent with some candy inspired notes like vanilla and caramel. Viva La Juicy is clean, sophisticated, and sensual. Best JC Scents for Ladies


Curve Crush by Liz Claiborne  A classically inspired scent with fruity and floral notes that is sexy and elegant. This is another winner in the line of Curve fragrances.

curve crush


Poppy Flower by Coach– This is a top fragrance with choice fruity and floral notes giving it a flirty and energetic aroma. Crisp and clean.


Higher Priced Options


The One by Dolce & Gabbana– The one is a fantastic scent in either the men’s or the women’s version. It’s a classy fragrance with sensual notes of mandarin, peach, bergamot, jasmine, amber, vanilla, and others.



Gucci Guilty– This perfume from the Italian design house is not too heavy but has a bold blend of floral and spicy notes.


Spring Flower by Creed– Boutique fragrance design house, Creed is known for making amazing scents. Spring Flower may be the best of the best for women’s perfumes by Creed. It is a lovely floral blend with just enough fruity notes to make it pop.


Alien by Thierry Mugler- Yes, this one is expensive but it is also a great scent. Orange blossom, amber, woods, vanilla and green notes give this perfume a versatility for many occasions. A solid choice for an evening scent.