Polo Double Black Cologne Review

Another of my recent sample colognes that I received is Polo Double Black. I certainly enjoy my fair share of Ralph Lauren produced fragrances and have a certain familiarity with them. Having said that, I had yet to experience Double Black and was excited to see how it stood up to the rest of the Polo lineup and indeed if it would become a part of my regular rotation of scents. Please read on to see my full opinion on this scent and if it’s worth a buy.

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Polo Double Black

Notes include: coffee, mango, juniper berry, nutmeg, cardamom, pepper, woods



Polo Double Black is certainly a ‘dark’ and masculine fragrance. ¬†While you will notice that it contains mango and juniper berry notes, it is not a fruity scent, really at all. The opening is noticeably spicy, with the pepper note taking the lead and you definitely get the emergence of this cologne’s overall warmth with the blend of coffee and woods.

As it settles, you do start to get the sweetness to come out but I really don’t get much of a mango note here, but maybe that’s just my nose not picking it up. I can see this being a pretty decent choice during the winter months, as the warm spiciness should work well. It does have almost a chocolate scent to it at some point, I guess I would call it mocha, with the coffee and maybe the sweetness is the mango note at work to create this aroma.

Which brings me to the performance issues, Polo Double Black, isn’t a scent which will go all day long and into the night. In fact, it might not even go half the day. I got 4-5 hours of solid performance and maybe another hour in which I could somewhat detect it. The projection is moderate in my opinion and not overwhelming at all.

It does have good versatility, I could definitely wear this during work or out on the town, as it is quite attractive and warm. It seems more like a ‘dressy’ casual type of scent.

Overall, I don’t hate this fragrance. Actually, I’ve had to come back here and edit my original thoughts somewhat because I started to really like it more and more. My main problem with it is the longevity, like Polo Red (which I also like a lot), Double Black has some longevity issues. If this were an all-day trooper, I’d probably pick up a small bottle at least, for my collection. There just seems to be much better bets out there for the price. The sweet/spicy coffee aroma is highly appealing, however.