Polo (Green) vs Polo Blue Cologne Comparison

In this post, I want to do another cologne comparison between two fragrances from the Ralph Lauren line, Polo and Polo Blue. Now, Polo is a classic fragrance from the 1970s, comes in that familiar green bottle, and has been a best seller for decades. Blue is a more recent addition to the lineup but has been well received thus far. Which of these colognes smells better? Which performs better? Who should consider wearing each? Read below for the complete breakdown.



Polo Blue Tale of the Tape

Notes include: amber, melon, patchouli, geranium, cucumber, tangerine, moss, musk

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Polo (Green) Tale of the Tape


Notes include: basil, leather, tobacco, oakmoss, pine, cedar, and more.

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This is a battle between an aquatic opening in Polo Blue versus the dry woodsy/leathery opening of the original Polo. Polo Green is stronger and more complex then Blue is and I find it to be a much more interesting fragrance.

Edge: Green



Polo Blue is rather moderate in its projection, it isn’t super strong but it gets the job done. Polo Green is a strong fragrance and can dominate a room if overused…it’s much more of a beast.

Edge: Green



The difference between these two is that Blue will usually be good for 6-8 hours while Green is a 8+ hour scent.

Edge: Green



The original Polo is a more mature fragrance and thus eliminates some potential younger users. It can also be too heavy at times for use in close quarters. Blue is a much more versatile and manageable scent that can appeal to multiple types of men.

Edge: Blue


Overall Scent

It’s tough to compare these two, since they are really quite different scents. Polo Green is has a dry/smokey/woodsy/green type of aroma and Blue is more aquatic/woodsy. I think that Green is probably the better scent overall but Blue is a really good choice for everyday wear, that probably has a wider appeal. It really depends on what you’re looking for in a cologne.

Winner: Polo Green