Tom Ford Noir Anthracite Cologne Review

I haven’t posted anything on the site for over a week now,as I took a trip to Las Vegas and then got stuck there for a number of days more due to all of the weather-related travel cancellations. I did however, get a chance to sample some new fragrances, during my time there to write up some one-time wear reviews. One of these scents is the new tom Ford launch, Noir Anthracite, which is a flanker fragrance to the original Tom Ford Noir. So, I’m going to delve into my initial impressions after wearing a few sprays around for the day. I would’ve liked to spend some more time with it, to truly get a full picture of this scent, but this will have to suffice.


Notes include: Sichuan pepper, bergamot, tuberose, ginger, cedarwood, santal, and galbanum

Click here to try: Tom Ford Noir Anthracite at Nordstrom  or from Sephora


The opening of Noir Anthracite starts out with a bang. It’s spicy, intense, and the bergamot was most prevalent to my nose at this point in time. Some of it seemed vaguely familiar, which now that I’m home, I realize it’s the Sichuan pepper note that is also found in my sample sprayer of Amouage Journey. There is a definite overlap between these two scents, though Journey Man is smokier in my opinion. However, Noir Anthracite does kind of seem like it could have been an Amouage release, as it fits right in with that line. I cannot think of the other cologne that Noir Anthracite sets off memories of but it does feel like deja vu.

The cedarwood and santal gives Anthractie its woodsy/smoky aroma which complements the spiciness provided by the Sichuan pepper and ginger notes. It’s actually quite a masculine scent but doesn’t overdo it in my opinion. What’s interesting about this cologne is that it doesn’t take the route of so many others and use its spiciness to create an enveloping cloud of warmth around the wearer…maybe it’s supposed to be ‘warm’ but it never seemed like it. Perhaps, it was due to wearing it in a desert climate. It’s a pretty strong scent but it doesn’t feel all that heavy to me, more like a dark, rich, and deep aroma.

Noir Anthracite also eschews sweetness of any kind, which is a nice change of pace versus other popular scents of this era. Yes, there is a bergamot note, but it was mostly confined to the very start of the scent’s life cycle. After that, it’s spicy/woodsy with a smokiness that is fairly mesquite. When you get right down to it, this cologne isn’t all that complicated and stays along the same line, for the rest of the wear.

Projection on Noir Anthracite is pretty darn good. It’s strong but not overly powerful to the point of annoyance. The longevity during my wear was around 7 hours. I also spent some time outside in the heat, so that probably effected it somewhat. I’d say this is best for fall/winter and I’d need another few rounds with it to properly gauge its longevity.

It strikes me as a versatile scent, that could be worn in a business or business casual situation but also work well for nightlife at a restaurant or lounge-type of atmosphere. It is a mature masculine kind of cologne, so I’d say skip it, if you’re still in school…at least while in the classroom. Again, fall/winter seems like the perfect time to wear and I’d lean more towards saving it for the nighttime.

Overall, would I rate Noir Anthracite a buy? I like it, but I’m not crazy about it. It doesn’t quite fit my personal style or tastes but I know a lot of men would really enjoy it. If you’re into spicy woods fragrances, you should check this one out. If you like sweetness or aquatic types, then, this one probably isn’t for you. There is a lot that this scent does well and I honestly can’t say anything about it is ‘bad’, it all comes down to whether or not the composition fits your lifestyle.