Tommy Hilfiger Cologne Review

Tommy Hilfiger was a major force in 1990s fashion and his line of fragrances for men and women have enjoyed great popularity even since that time. Hilfiger is a lifestyle brand which tries to celebrate the American spirit and caters to the tastes of classic Americana. Tommy Hilfiger cologne is a perfect example of this brand association with the United States and as we will see in the notes of this fragrance one that brings together familiar elements to produce a nice casual scent.



Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger notes:

citrus, cranberry and cinnamon apple pie

I first got a bottle of Tommy Hilfiger cologne as a Christmas gift from a relative, a few years back. From there it found its way into my rotation as a daytime fragrance for going to school and work. I think that is probably the best use for this fragrance, not necessarily one designed for the nightlife but is a good choice for days during the spring and summer.

Being that it is comprised of fruity notes, Tommy does have a really sweet smell to it, one that is more citrusy than candy sweet. It is a fairly light and aromatic fragrance without any heavy woodsy or musky undertones to it, which is why I also think that this cologne could work as a unisex fragrance like many of the one offered by Calvin Klein. It’s the type of scent that chicks could wear but one which they are also attracted to.

Tommy Hilfiger cologne a full work day in my experience and never overpowers the people around you. It is a rather ambient fragrance that is youthful and warm in its presentation. If you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money on a fragrance and are looking for a casual or everyday wearer than I would recommend giving Tommy Hilfiger a shot.