Very Cool by Tommy Bahama Men’s Cologne Review

I have already reviewed two Tommy Bahama colognes for men on this site and since I have a bottle of a third, Very Cool, I thought that I would do another for this post. How does Very Cool measure up? Is it worth a purchase? How well does Very Cool perform? Read below, as I take a closer look at this cologne and see where it ranks among the pack.



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Notes include: nutmeg, ginger, and mandarin orange

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During the opening of Very Cool, I definitely detect the ginger note in it. This fragrance has a spicy warmth to it that is mostly woodsy in its presentation, though, I do detect a slight bitterness (perhaps the orange?). Also, there is a very faint similarity with Set Sail St. Barts, that emerges and I think that it is a lime note because I compared the two side by side and noticed a distinct scent in both.

After about 15-20 minutes, this fragrance does become noticeably more of a citrus scent. Though, the citrus doesn’t seem to fully take over, it’s more of a 50/50 split with the woodsy/spiciness of the ginger and nutmeg notes. This is also at the point where Very Cool, indeed lives up to its moniker, and becomes a cooler and more refreshing scent.

Longevity wise, Very Cool would rank as poor to moderate. It doesn’t disappear completely but it really isn’t an all day affair either. It also seems to project well at first but then definitely dies down and is  ultimately a fairly light and airy fragrance.  It isn’t the worst longevity/projection scent that I’ve ever come across but it isn’t anywhere near where I would want it to be.

Would I recommend Very Cool? For the price, it’s a nice smelling cologne. This Tommy Bahama fragrance isn’t my favorite of all-time or anything but I could definitely wear it on certain occasions. My only real issue with this scent is the longevity, which could easily be fixed with some reapplication, which isn’t a bad idea because it is so inexpensive. Very Cool is a good smelling and safe scent, just know up front it isn’t a longevity beast.