Burberry for Men Cologne Review

Burberry is a highly popular British design house which includes on its roster of fragrances, many top sellers in both the male and female markets. While the company offers mass-market designer scents, most of their products retain a sense of elegance and refinement, for which the brand is known for. In this post, I want to take a closer look at the company’s namesake cologne, Burberry for Men, and examine whether or not it delivers value for the average guy seeking a great cologne.

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Notes include: mint, lavender, sandalwood, cedar, and  amber.



Burberry for Men is casual cologne for the gentleman. This fragrance is not loud or obnoxious, rather, it exudes a refined subtlety that is perfect for everyday wear. This flagship cologne from Burberry has a spicy and woodsy scent to it, like Burberry London, but it offers up smoother citrusy note (bergamot) which really sets the two apart (another smooth Burberry choice is Brit). The opening is fresh with a mint/cedar/amber blend that is fine mix of a cool spice with warmth provided by the amber. It is quite attractive in how understated yet utterly alluring it can be.

The spice on this one is also understated, especially as Burberry begins to dry down, at that point it begins to take on the woodsy or earthy notes and settles into a fragrance with a lot of masculine charm. I would say that it probably rates as average in terms of its how long it lasts on the skin, it will last a full workday, won’t quit early but don’t expect it to pull overtime either. Projection wise it is a pretty moderate fragrance. It doesn’t take over but it gets the job done quite well.  (Also see: Burberry for Men vs Burberry Brit Comparison)

What I really enjoy about this fragrance is its smoothness. There are too many colognes that can be way too harsh and take over any room a man steps into. Burberry, is like a good utility player, it is versatile to wear to both work and out for a night on the town and is wholly pleasant even if it isn’t necessarily a standout. I’ve worn Burberry for Men on dates and it felt like it was in the right place. I could wear it casually or when close to a woman, that’s what makes this such a solid addition to any man’s collection.

All in all, Burberry for men is a fresh and smooth everyday scent, that won’t jump out as something wholly unique or spectacularly in your face. It is a fragrance which stays in the background of one’s life and earns its keep by adding a bit of class to it. The more I’ve worn Burberry for Men the more I’ve come to appreciate it. It seems to alternate with Brit and London as my favorite scent to wear from this brand. It all kind of depends on my mood that day, as they all seem to fit in just fine during the fall and winter months.