Starwalker by Mont Blanc Men’s Cologne Review

Having already done a few other Mont Blanc cologne reviews (see: Individuel) and a best of list from the brand, I thought that it was time to put up a review of Starwalker.  The name is what initially had me wanting to give this a try, as I found it to be a rather unique and interesting moniker. Turns out, it is named after one of the pens which the company also produces. Nonetheless, this was still a review that I was looking forward to doing and seeing how Starwalker stacks up versus the rest of the Mont Blanc line. Please continue below for my full impressions on how it smells, its performance, and if it is a good bet to buy.




Notes include: amber, mandarin, musk, bamboo, bergamot, sandalwood, ginger, and more.

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Starwalker isn’t one of the most well known fragrances out there, in fact, it isn’t even the most popular cologne for men by Mont Blanc (see: Legend). However, this under the radar scent is rather unique and that is one of the reasons that I wanted to give this one a closer look.

The opening of Starwalker is mostly dominated by the citrus notes, but, it isn’t a bold and overwhelming citrus like some other colognes. This one is more subdued and surrounded by woodsy and floral aromas. The wood in this case is bamboo, which is what I think gives Starwalker its unique sort of vibe, as bamboo isn’t a frequent ingredient found in most colognes.

As it dries down, this cologne smells very smooth and refined. It’s like the citrus is being kept in check from ever becoming too bold and instead what you’re left with is something that is very light, clean, and beautiful. It does seem to have some similarities with other citrus/woodsy fragrances out there, mainly, Versace Man Eau Fraiche. I do enjoy the Versace cologne more than Starwalker but this fragrance is really nice as well.

Projection wise, Starwalker is light and non-intrusive, you’ll smell it but you won’t be enveloped in its aroma. The longevity is pretty moderate in my opinion and it’s usually good for about 4-5 hours and sometimes longer. It’s definitely not a top notch performer in that regard. It’s really a spring/summer type of fragrance, the light citrus aspect of it, draws it into that category.

Overall, is Starwalker worth a purchase? I’d say yes, if you’re looking for something light, casual, and relatively inexpensive, then this one could be right up your alley. It’s by no means the greatest cologne on the market but it’s very good for what it is.