Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne Review

In today’s post, I am going to be taking a closer look at a cologne by Jean Paul Gaultier called, Ultra Male. This is a flanker fragrance to the now classic, Le Male. Ultra Male was released in 2015 and occupies a similar bottle to the original JPG scent. What does it smell like? How does it perform? When should it be worn? Is it better than Le Male? Please continue reading below for my impressions after a few wears.


Notes include: vanilla, pear, amber, woods, cinnamon, cumin, sage, lavender, mint

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The opening of Ultra Male is a meeting of the pear, vanilla, cinnamon, mint, and citrus notes that produces a cany-like sweetness that is akin to bubble gum. Now, this may not sound appealing for some folks but it quickly settles on my skin into something that is warm and smooth, and a scent that I find very appealing. The most noticeable difference between this and the famous, Le Male, is the complete lack of that powdery aroma that was so prevalent in that JPG cologne. While there is a lot of overlap between these two scents, the strength of each note is different, and the inclusion of the pear makes Ultra Male a standalone scent from its progenitor. I’m just going to say it right now, I am enjoying Ultra Male more than Le Male, which I also liked a lot.

Ultra Male is a super fresh and sweet kind of scent that is going to be a nice addition to any night life fragrance collection. There is a slight spiciness provided by the cinnamon note which prevents the cologne from become a complete mess and that is further bolstered by the mint note, which seems to be more in the background than it was in Le Male. Ultra Male sort of falls into the same category as a fragrance like, 1 Million, does. Smooth, candy-like sweetness, with enough staying power to be a night club favorite.

Projection wise, I would rate it as a strong starter that fades into something much more moderate. While it is in the same ‘family’, so to speak as 1 Million, it doesn’t have the same loud and bold projection. It certainly isn’t weak and with enough sprays it is capable of overpowering, but with my 1-3 spray tests, Ultra Male was perfectly tolerable. It does have great longevity on my skin, 9-ish hours, maybe a little longer on some wears (depending on the weather or other environmental circumstances). It’s pretty excellent in that regard.

Cold weather scent. Like Le Male, Ultra Male would turn to crap in the heat, so if your climate is warm year round, this probably isn’t the best bet. On the other hand, if you plan on wearing it at night, I have done so effectively when the temperature was in the mid-70s Fahrenheit but it thrives in the cold.

You could wear this as a daytime scent, as it isn’t too loud, but I love it for nights out and party-type atmospheres. It’s an attractive, almost unisex kind of fragrance, with a sweet sexiness that women seem to enjoy.

Overall, would I recommend Ultra Male as a buy? Yes, provided you like this kind of scent. Some guys don’t like the sweets and if that’s you, pass on this cologne. Otherwise, I find this to be a fun wear, and prefer it to the original Le Male…it just strikes me as better on the whole.  This is another great entry from Jean Paul Gaultier.